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Community Insights Survey[Bearbeiten]

RMaung (WMF) 16:34, 9. Sep. 2019 (CEST)

Reminder: Community Insights Survey[Bearbeiten]

RMaung (WMF) 21:13, 20. Sep. 2019 (CEST)

Reminder: Community Insights Survey[Bearbeiten]

RMaung (WMF) 19:04, 4. Okt. 2019 (CEST)

Listing Editor[Bearbeiten]

Hi Stefen, I'm working on a new version of the Italian listing editor. I would add a feature that I've seen in the German version: clickable local currency and clickable country prefix.

I've seen that you store this information inside every vcard through a series of LUA module but I wasn't able to get the single few instructions that allow it.

In the reality, my ultimate goal is to get those info in real time through JS code from Wikidata instead of reading them from parsed code.

Could you support me?

Thanks, --Andyrom75 (Diskussion) 08:26, 18. Okt. 2019 (CEST)

I've found MediaWiki:VCard.js, maybe it's a better starting point. --Andyrom75 (Diskussion) 11:21, 18. Okt. 2019 (CEST)
@Andyrom75: I was not involved in the Listing Editor at all. It was completely developed by Roland. Sorry, but can't help here. And due to my very limited free time I stopped doing any programming here. -- DerFussi 11:45, 18. Okt. 2019 (CEST)
I'm sorry to hear that you cannot contribute anymore to Wikivoyage, but that's life :-)
I have not so much time as well but I'm trying to not giving up :-P
See you, --Andyrom75 (Diskussion) 11:49, 18. Okt. 2019 (CEST)
@Andyrom75: I am sure, we will see anytime again (last time was in Hong Kong, right?). I did not quit, but just do some minor edits. Currently updating reorganizing the outdated help namespace. But programming work needs permanent maintaining as well and I can not guarantee to be available, when its needed. So people can ask me in case of emergency help is needed, but i won't start any new project in Lua or Javascript or Templates here. Actually, I edit on Wikivoyage only during breakfast or lunch break at work, not at home any longer. -- DerFussi 12:07, 18. Okt. 2019 (CEST)

Spam Benutzer:Climbhighhimalaya[Bearbeiten]

Hi. Xwiki spam at Benutzer:Climbhighhimalaya I tried to mark it for deletion, though the template looks more like a voting template. Wikidata says that it is {{Löschen}} however that doesn't seem right. <shrug> Anyway, if you could look at that page and manage it, tat would be great. Thanks. Billinghurst (Diskussion) 07:32, 25. Okt. 2019 (CEST)

... gelöscht -- Balou46 (Diskussion) 07:43, 25. Okt. 2019 (CEST)
@Balou46: Thanks. @Billinghurst:. I am going to fix the Wikidata entry to {{Schnelllöschen}} -- DerFussi 07:48, 25. Okt. 2019 (CEST)
Thanks for that news, I will try to remember. <eyeroll> If you do ever consider an English language alternative to {{delete}}, can I suggest that {{sdelete}} is one used in other communities so provides a level of continuity. Thanks again. Billinghurst (Diskussion) 23:44, 25. Okt. 2019 (CEST)
{{sdelete}} and {{Speedy delete}} works now. -- DerFussi 09:44, 26. Okt. 2019 (CEST)