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Modul:Marker utilities/Groups/Doku

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This module supplies a table with the properties of the {{Marker}}/{{vCard}} groups like color, translation and the adapted translation without special characters for the use on Kartographer maps.

Versionsbezeichnung auf Wikidata: 2023-05-06 Ok!

Meaning of the sub-keys:

  • color: hexadecimal color value including # sign,
  • alias: alias for keys like mask, do, see, etc. for internationalization,
  • is: type of data set: system only for internal use, color represents a color instead of a logical key name. Don’t change this sub-key.
  • label: group name for the vCard/listing editor and the Kartographer-map layers tool. If label is missing alias or the key values are used,
  • map: group name for the Kartographer-map layers tool. The labels for this tool may contain only the characters A-Z, a-z, and 0-9. Special characters like umlauts are forbidden.
  • withEvents: marks groups where events belong to

Don’t change the names of the keys like mask, do, see, etc.

Enter the map, label or alias name to the showAll parameter in this and Mapshape utilities/i18n modules, namely the value of the first sub-key used in that succession.

Verwendung in anderen Modulen

Dieses Modul ist notwendig für die Ausführung folgender Module. Bei Anpassungen sollte die Funktionstüchtigkeit der folgenden Module geprüft werden. Benutze dazu auch diese Tracking-Kategorie um Fehler zu finden, die sich dann auf Artikel auswirken: