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<?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8" ?>

<gpx xmlns="" version="1.1">
 <copyright author="OpenStreetMap und Mitwirkende">


ODbL OpenStreetMap Enthält Kartendaten © Mitwirkende bei OpenStreetMap, zur Verfügung gestellt unter den Bedingungen der Open-Database-Lizenz (ODbL).

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<name>Genting Highlands - Erkundung</name>
<desc>Genting Highlands: Erkundung 9 km</desc>
<trkpt lat="3.408084670" lon="101.7643830" />
<trkpt lat="3.422821320" lon="101.7918060" />
<trkpt lat="3.423164040" lon="101.7920420" />
<trkpt lat="3.423303260" lon="101.7925780" />
<trkpt lat="3.423892290" lon="101.7928680" />
<trkpt lat="3.424213580" lon="101.7937050" />
<trkpt lat="3.423999390" lon="101.7936830" />
<trkpt lat="3.423849460" lon="101.7933610" />
<trkpt lat="3.423356810" lon="101.7933940" />
<trkpt lat="3.423035520" lon="101.7932000" />
<trkpt lat="3.422735650" lon="101.7933290" />
<trkpt lat="3.422500030" lon="101.7935330" />
<trkpt lat="3.422157320" lon="101.7935010" />
<trkpt lat="3.421803900" lon="101.7941020" />
<trkpt lat="3.422221580" lon="101.7945090" />
<trkpt lat="3.422885580" lon="101.7946170" />
<trkpt lat="3.423624550" lon="101.7955930" />
<trkpt lat="3.424545580" lon="101.7946600" />
<trkpt lat="3.424791910" lon="101.7949060" />
<trkpt lat="3.424235000" lon="101.7958500" />
<trkpt lat="3.424706230" lon="101.7963230" />
<trkpt lat="3.424802620" lon="101.7966980" />
<trkpt lat="3.424588420" lon="101.7971590" />
<trkpt lat="3.425884290" lon="101.7969340" />
<trkpt lat="3.426087780" lon="101.7953460" />
<trkpt lat="3.426462610" lon="101.7943270" />
<trkpt lat="3.426848160" lon="101.7937150" />
<trkpt lat="3.426944550" lon="101.7929430" />
<trkpt lat="3.426708940" lon="101.7911730" />
<trkpt lat="3.426441200" lon="101.7901430" />
<trkpt lat="3.426227000" lon="101.7899280" />
<trkpt lat="3.424770490" lon="101.7898960" />
<trkpt lat="3.423356810" lon="101.7911830" />
<trkpt lat="3.422596420" lon="101.7911080" />
<trkpt lat="3.421889580" lon="101.7913660" />
<trkpt lat="3.421546870" lon="101.7917410" />
<trkpt lat="3.421696810" lon="101.7922890" />
<trkpt lat="3.420925710" lon="101.7916660" />
<trkpt lat="3.420368800" lon="101.7903900" />
<trkpt lat="3.420647250" lon="101.7894020" />
<trkpt lat="3.419180020" lon="101.7894240" />
<trkpt lat="3.418612400" lon="101.7900460" />
<trkpt lat="3.418333950" lon="101.7898320" />
<trkpt lat="3.418291110" lon="101.7894670" />
<trkpt lat="3.417884140" lon="101.7894560" />
<trkpt lat="3.416588260" lon="101.7880940" />
<trkpt lat="3.416909550" lon="101.7875360" />
<trkpt lat="3.417669950" lon="101.7876000" />
<trkpt lat="3.417070200" lon="101.7869780" />
<trkpt lat="3.415527990" lon="101.7873320" />
<trkpt lat="3.415324510" lon="101.7869560" />
<trkpt lat="3.415956380" lon="101.7860440" />
<trkpt lat="3.416845300" lon="101.7856150" />
<trkpt lat="3.416159870" lon="101.7853040" />
<trkpt lat="3.415763610" lon="101.7845740" />
<trkpt lat="3.414564110" lon="101.7832440" />
<trkpt lat="3.414307080" lon="101.7833300" />
<trkpt lat="3.413975070" lon="101.7840600" />
<trkpt lat="3.414028620" lon="101.7859160" />
<trkpt lat="3.413353910" lon="101.7865060" />
<trkpt lat="3.412818420" lon="101.7870210" />
<trkpt lat="3.412593510" lon="101.7876970" />
<trkpt lat="3.412936220" lon="101.7884050" />