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Hallo Roland, es gibt schon eine Kategorie:Niederrhein. Welche ist jetzt richtig? lg --Nati aus Sythen Diskussion 09:16, 7. Apr. 2013 (CEST)Beantworten[Beantworten]

War doppelt. --RolandUnger (Diskussion) 09:23, 7. Apr. 2013 (CEST)Beantworten[Beantworten]

TocTree extension[Bearbeiten]

Hi Roland, I'm working on creating a horizontal TOC for English Wikivoyage (an example is here). I have it working so only top-level headings show (==Get in== shows, but not ===By car===), but the TOC still places a [+]. I think this is related to the TocTree extension. Do you know if it is possible to hide the [+] for a horizontal TOC, but show the [+] for a normal TOC? Thanks. -Shaundd (Diskussion) 16:27, 10. Apr. 2013 (CEST) (Shaundd on :en)Beantworten[Beantworten]

The JavaScript cannot easily distinguish between horizontal or vertical TOCs. The JavaScript is part of the TocTree extension. In my original script, the toggle symbol is spanned by a span with the class "toggleSymbol" so you can hide the symbol with css in the following manner: .hlist .toggleSymbol {display:none}. --RolandUnger (Diskussion) 16:42, 10. Apr. 2013 (CEST)Beantworten[Beantworten]
Danke. Much appreciated! -Shaundd (Diskussion) 03:56, 11. Apr. 2013 (CEST)Beantworten[Beantworten]

Template OpenStreetMap[Bearbeiten]


Please take a look there

Everything seems OK but OpenStreetMap Template is not working. Some Greek guys asked my help but I was unable to fix the problem. Can you help? --Gobbler (Diskussion) 21:03, 14. Apr. 2013 (CEST)Beantworten[Beantworten]

I'll try it. --RolandUnger (Diskussion) 21:04, 14. Apr. 2013 (CEST)Beantworten[Beantworten]
Thanks a lot, I'll take care of Greek Wikivoyage --Gobbler (Diskussion) 17:12, 15. Apr. 2013 (CEST)Beantworten[Beantworten]
The OpenStreetMap template using slippymap does not work on Incubator because the MapSources extension is missing. --RolandUnger (Diskussion) 08:01, 16. Apr. 2013 (CEST)Beantworten[Beantworten]

The bug on the Hebrew Wikivoyage[Bearbeiten]

Hi Roland. Apparently the bug wasn't completely fixed. You can now clearly see the issues for yourself in the screen grabs I've uploaded. – ויקיג'אנקי (Diskussion) 20:12, 25. Apr. 2013 (CEST)Beantworten[Beantworten]

Two things are mixed: the bug with floating boxes was fixed. The problem of the default settings of ToC boxes must be discussed. --RolandUnger (Diskussion) 06:55, 30. Apr. 2013 (CEST)Beantworten[Beantworten]


Zum Merken: Alexandria, Asyūṭ, Charga (Stadt), Kairo, Ägypten. --RolandUnger (Diskussion) 06:55, 30. Apr. 2013 (CEST)Beantworten[Beantworten]

French wikivoyage[Bearbeiten]


Je me suis porté candidat administrateur pour la version française de wikivoyage sur proposition de ChistianT. Comme il y a que 8 d'administrateurs sur ce wiki et qu'un seul vraiment actif, et que pour être nommé administrateur il faut l'avis positif de deux administrateurs, je vous invite à donner votre avis sur la page ‪Nominations d'administrateurs‬.


I'm candidate on proposal of ChistianT for the administrators functions on the French version of Wikivoyage. Since there are only 8 administrators on this wiki and only one really active, and that the wiki request the approval of minimum two administrators, I invite you to review the page‪ ‪Wikivoyage:Nominations d'administrateurs‬. ‬Thank you--Adehertogh (Diskussion) 18:45, 8. Mai 2013 (CEST)Beantworten[Beantworten]

I voted. Good luck. --RolandUnger (Diskussion) 15:00, 9. Mai 2013 (CEST)Beantworten[Beantworten]

JS General Support[Bearbeiten]

Few days ago I've fix a bug so I've cut out a bunch of time to review the whole js used by it:voy. There's a couple of functions that I would like to get more info from you (if possible).

  1. it:MediaWiki:MoveArticleStates.js
  2. it:MediaWiki:Common.js/RenameWizard.js

For both I can't understand the purpose. And for the second one, I was wondering if there's a specific reason why it's a subpage of common.js.

On top of this, would ask you a couple of general questions on js topic.

  1. What is the difference between mw.loader.load and importScript? At the first glance they seem to equal, but I don't know if there's a sort of "timing" difference.
  2. On it:MediaWiki:Hiddencat.js I've fix a bug relevant to hasClass function (it was used with two parameters instead of one) that affected more than 500 pages. Now in it:MediaWiki:NavigationBars.js there's a declaration of hasClass with the two parameters, but I've noticed it only after changing the source. Apparently everything it works, but if you could put an eye on it I'll be grateful.

Let me know, --Andyrom75 (Diskussion) 23:35, 18. Mai 2013 (CEST)Beantworten[Beantworten]

I know only the first JavaScript, it:MediaWiki:MoveArticleStates.js. It was created to place two or more information boxes at the first header line like Geo information and a destination of the month mark like Ephesos. But I am not sure if this script is really used at the Italian branch. I think it isn't any longer.
In case of the second script it seems to be a renaming script but I think user CSteipp should know it. Please ask him.
importScript() was introduced in former MediaWiki versions, and it is part of wikibits.js. It is a core script working since v 1.16 up to now. It added additional JavaScript code by using the document.write() command calling a MediaWiki page of the home wiki. mw.loader.load was introduced in version v 1.17. But up to now there is no direct replacement for importScript(). mw.loader.load() is a replacement for importScriptURI(), also defined in wikibits, for the import of JavaScript from foreign sites. Therefore, there is a recommendation: „Keep using importScript the way you do, the way you know they work. They won't go away anytime soon, certainly not before there is a good replacement.“ (see also ).
  • importScript( 'MediaWiki:MoveArticleStates.js' );
  • mw.loader.load('//');
hasClass is a jQuery function, for more details see . hasClass is working only with one parameter, the addition of a second one should not produce failures as I think. --RolandUnger (Diskussion) 12:49, 19. Mai 2013 (CEST)Beantworten[Beantworten]
RolandUnger, thanks for the answer. Currently the destination of the month it's not managed and the id managed by MediaWiki:MoveArticleStates.js (i.e. geoCoord & DoM), are not present in the article it:Bali that I've taken as example. The coordinates created by the template GeoData have a different id: "coordinates". Based on this I suppose that there is another script that is positioning those infos up there and I would be inclined to eliminate MediaWiki:MoveArticleStates.js. What do you think?
Regarding RenameWizard.js, I've just noticed that last time that CSteipp has been active both in it:voy and de:voy was on nov-2012. Do you know someone that can support me about it?
importScript Vs. mw.loader.load. So considering that I'm using only internal script (within it:voy) I would use everywhere importScript instead of mw.loader.load (replacing it for homogenity). What do you think?
hasClass: I've read it about the one parameter definition in jQuery, and my intent was to delete its declaration in it:MediaWiki:NavigationBars.js keeping the changes that I've already done in that file. Do you think that it will works?
In the first point you were mentioning the Geo info managed by the GeoData template. Let's take for example the info stored in the article Ephesos: {{GeoData| lat= 37.93972| long= 27.34861| prec= | radius= | elev= | elevMin= | elevMax= }}.
In few article of it:voy I've found one or more of the last parameters filled with numbers, but inside the template it seems that elev, elevMin and elevMax are not used. So my doubt is: do we really need those parameter both in the template and in the various articles (because someone one day will use them) or do we have to delete them all with a bot (because this template will remain as it is)?
Thanks, --Andyrom75 (Diskussion) 16:09, 19. Mai 2013 (CEST)Beantworten[Beantworten]
You can eliminate MediaWiki:MoveArticleStates.js from Common.js.
CSteipp (Chris Steipp, is working at the Wikimedia Foundation. Maybe you can send him an email. If he will not answer, I will have a look to RenameWizard.js. But it will take some time.
For internal scripts (noted in the MediaWiki namespace) you should use importScript().
In case of hasClass you should test it. Unfortunately I have not seen the scripts before. I hope that they did not used a redefined function. But if MediaWiki:NavigationBars.js ist working you must not change it.
In the old Wikivoyage we used a tool named Location Database storing geographical parameters. We could not transfer this tool to the new Wikivoyage therefore we noted these data in the page script with the GeoData template as an interim solution. The meaning of {{GeoData| lat= 37.93972| long= 27.34861| prec= | radius= | elev= | elevMin= | elevMax= }}: latitude, longitude, precision of GPS measurement in meters, radius of the site in meters, elevation of the site in meters, minimum elevation, and maximum elevation. In future, we hope to use the WikiData tool, and then we will transfers these data back to the database. Actually, GeoData shows only the coordinate but giving also the size of the map section. --RolandUnger (Diskussion) 16:38, 19. Mai 2013 (CEST)Beantworten[Beantworten]
MediaWiki:MoveArticleStates.js eliminated. I've tested some pages and everything seem to work correctly.
I've sent an email to Chris; in case of need I'll let you know.
I've applied for all the it:voy script the importScript() function. The Italian common.js include a script so for that one I should keep the other procedure. ...although I have to understand if we really need it...
In de:common.js and in en:common.js I've found some script relevant to "Add old-wiki link". Do you think that is something that I should add as well in the Italian one?
Regarding hasClass I'll make some test. Usually I follow your advise: "don't touch what works" :-) but my intent is to try to simplify the whole JS code because the situation it's a little bit messy.
How GeoData works it's clear, and I've understood that for the future those information will be collected by wikidata, but nowadays, what should I do with the three parameters elev, elevMin, elevMax? Should I keep them o delete them?
Thanks again, --Andyrom75 (Diskussion) 18:26, 19. Mai 2013 (CEST)Beantworten[Beantworten]
I've discussed with Chris and he told me that MediaWiki:Common.js/RenameWizard.js was used during the account migration so now it can be removed (jointly with Wikivoyage:User account migration). I've just done it. You can evealuate to do it here as well.
Any idea for the "Add old-wiki link"?
And let me know for the GeoData.
Thanks, --Andyrom75 (Diskussion) 01:02, 21. Mai 2013 (CEST)Beantworten[Beantworten]
Chris has supported me with the explanation of "Add old-wiki link". Another temporary script that can be removed.
I just miss one thing from you side, then I can stop to disturb you :-)
Should I keep elev, elevMin, elevMax in the GeoData or should I have to delete them?
Let me know, --Andyrom75 (Diskussion) 19:48, 21. Mai 2013 (CEST)Beantworten[Beantworten]
To function addOldLink(). The main wikis were transferred from The images were transferred separately to Commons. And maybe some scripts did not work any longer. In the starting time we displayed the link to the old pages in the page's header to compare the new and the old pages. For instance, in some cases files could not be transferred to Commons because of missing Freedom of Panorama. Then the image links links to nowhere (see also it:Categoria:Pagine che includono file inesistenti). Most of our problems are solved now, and we removed the old pages link. --RolandUnger (Diskussion) 09:13, 25. Mai 2013 (CEST)Beantworten[Beantworten]

Hallo RolandUnger! Vielen Dank für Deine nette Begrüßung. Ich habe auf der Seite Aigues Mortes die Diskussionsseite aktiviert in der Hoffnung, dass der Verfasser der Seite meine Anmerkungen recherchiert. Oder muss ich das selbst machen? --Kiwi05 (Diskussion) 21:16, 19. Mai 2013 (CEST)Beantworten[Beantworten]

Der Hinweis ist sicher erst einmal wichtig. Du musst nicht selbst recherchieren, aber ich möchte dich auch nicht davon abhalten. Änderungen, die du selbst vornehmen kannst, kannst du natürlich selbst eintragen. Auch der Hinweis, dass etwas nicht mehr kostenlos ist, ist besser als eine fehlerhafte Aussage. Zumindest wurde der Artikel auf deinen Hinweis hin gleich angepasst. Jede Hilfe ist uns willkommen. --RolandUnger (Diskussion) 19:23, 20. Mai 2013 (CEST)Beantworten[Beantworten]


Hi Roland,

I'm writing you to understand how should I treat the elev, elevMin, elevMax parameters that are declared, but not managed at all, by the GeoData Template.

  1. Should we managed them? (with proper code)
  2. Should we delete them? (they will never be managed)
  3. Should we ignore them? (because currently it's not a priority and they will be managed someway in the future)

Thanks in advance for your clarification, --Andyrom75 (Diskussion) 09:53, 24. Mai 2013 (CEST)Beantworten[Beantworten]

It is correct, elev, elevMin, and elevMax are not managed by the template. These values are stored meanwhile in the articles for later use in a database. That's why there is no must to fill in these parameters into the template. But it would be helpful in future. Therefore, if the data are known you should enter them. Please do not delete them! GeoData is part of all articles in the same manner instead of different or missing quickbars. For a script, it is useful to get the data in a uniform manner. --RolandUnger (Diskussion) 08:54, 25. Mai 2013 (CEST)Beantworten[Beantworten]
Got it. So the answer is "3". I'll ignore them by now. If in the future there will be some news about it, please let me know. Thanks, --Andyrom75 (Diskussion) 10:24, 25. Mai 2013 (CEST)Beantworten[Beantworten]


Danke, das du dich um die Bilder in Slowenien gekümmert hast. Durch die Autobahndiskussion und die ständigen Angriffe von Bbb habe ich Slowenien etwas aus den Augen verloren. --Benreis (Diskussion) 10:24, 25. Mai 2013 (CEST)Beantworten[Beantworten]

Hin und wieder steht die Suche nach fehlenden Bildern auf meiner Wartungsliste. Ich habe die Bilder erst einmal herausgenommen, weil es keinen Ersatz gab. Wie weit man in Slowenien ohne Panoramafreiheit gehen kann -, das problem müssen wir erst einmal verschieben. --RolandUnger (Diskussion) 10:26, 25. Mai 2013 (CEST)Beantworten[Beantworten]

Template coding[Bearbeiten]

Hi Roland, as per you knowledge is it possible to check:

  1. the role of the user (e.g. sysop, autopatrolled, etc...)
  2. the device of the client (e.g. mobile, PC)


Let me know, --Andyrom75 (Diskussion) 22:20, 28. Mai 2013 (CEST)Beantworten[Beantworten]

Any idea? --Andyrom75 (Diskussion) 18:06, 31. Mai 2013 (CEST)Beantworten[Beantworten]

I think the role of a user cannot be checked. You need a complete list of these users like admins to use them in CSS or JavaScript.

The device of a client can be checked by analyzing the browser properties with JavaScript.

See for instance:

--RolandUnger (Diskussion) 11:16, 2. Jun. 2013 (CEST)Beantworten[Beantworten]

Thanks for the answer. Tobe more specific, I was looking for a code, that would prevent a portion of the code to be download from the mobile (to speed up the connection). If I'm not wrong, with the JQuery solution, the code will be downloaded in any case, but after the check it won't be shown. Is it right? In the affirmative case, there's a possibility to do what I would like to implement? --Andyrom75 (Diskussion) 08:50, 10. Jun. 2013 (CEST)Beantworten[Beantworten]

Server Probleme[Bearbeiten]

Hallo Roland, seit etwa 13 Uhr ist der WV-eV-Server über http nicht mehr zu erreichen. Ich habe schon versucht Fussi über E-Mail zu erreichen, aber leider hat sich noch nichts verändert. Kannst du vielleicht die Sache wieder in Gang bringen? -- Joachim Mey2008 (Diskussion) 17:55, 4. Jun. 2013 (CEST)Beantworten[Beantworten]

Sollte wieder gehen. Habe Apache neu gestartet. --RolandUnger (Diskussion) 18:01, 4. Jun. 2013 (CEST)Beantworten[Beantworten]
Läuft wieder perfekt. Vielen Dank! -- Joachim Mey2008 (Diskussion) 18:03, 4. Jun. 2013 (CEST)Beantworten[Beantworten]


As far as you know, is it possible to organize the classes inside a .css file (e.g. Common.css) including external files, like we do for the scripts inside a .js file (e.g. Common.js)? --Andyrom75 (Diskussion) 16:12, 10. Jun. 2013 (CEST)Beantworten[Beantworten]

Any idea? --Andyrom75 (Diskussion) 19:51, 11. Jun. 2013 (CEST)Beantworten[Beantworten]
I do not know exactly what you want to know. If classes are used then it easy to have access to these tags for instance with the JavaScript function getElementsByTagName or with the jQuerry $(".aclassname") operator. Unfortunately, there is no getElementsByClassName function. So, at first getElementsByTagName must be used to select the elements with the class of interest. On the other hand, jQuerry commands like $(".classname").hide(); are very convinient. --RolandUnger (Diskussion) 10:37, 12. Jun. 2013 (CEST)Beantworten[Beantworten]
Sorry for not being enough clear. I'll try to clarify it. In Common.js we use importScript( 'xxxxxxx.js' ); to increase the readability of the main file, and to increase its flexibility. My question is, for common.css, there is a similar way to improve this file as the .js one? --Andyrom75 (Diskussion) 01:05, 13. Jun. 2013 (CEST)Beantworten[Beantworten]
Do you know anyone that can help me on this point? --Andyrom75 (Diskussion) 08:10, 18. Jun. 2013 (CEST)Beantworten[Beantworten]
I think the only way to import css is to use the @import url(url_of_the_css_file.css); rule. --RolandUnger (Diskussion) 16:37, 19. Jun. 2013 (CEST)Beantworten[Beantworten]
It works, thanks a lot :-) --Andyrom75 (Diskussion) 00:16, 22. Jun. 2013 (CEST)Beantworten[Beantworten]


Hallo Roland und danke für Deinen Willkommensgruß. Ich werde allerdings aller Voraussicht nach nicht bei Wikivoyage tätig sein. Ich bin nur zufällig aus der Wikipedia hierher geleitet worden und habe nichts bearbeitet. Wie bist Du so schnell auf mich aufmerksam geworden? Bin übrigens viel in der Wikipedia tätig (Benutzer:Wolf170278)... Mit freundlichem Gruß Wolf170278 (Diskussion) 17:23, 11. Jun. 2013 (CEST)Beantworten[Beantworten]

Wir schauen regelmäßig in der Liste der Neuanmeldungen nach. Momentan schaffen wir es noch, jeden persönlich zu begrüßen. Ansonsten schau dich einfach um. Vielleicht kannst du uns ja doch unterstützen. Ich bin auch selbst auf der Wikipedia tätig. --RolandUnger (Diskussion) 17:30, 11. Jun. 2013 (CEST)Beantworten[Beantworten]