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This template adds a formatted MediaWiki parser or extension tag that links to the help or extension page. This template is similar to {{tag}}, but it links the tag and defaults to open.

Parser and extension tags[Bearbeiten]

The MediaWiki software adds elements that look and act like HTML tags. Parser tags are included in MediaWiki whereas extension tags are added by optional software extensions. The most current list of tags can be found at the bottom of Special:Version

Parser tags
<gallery>, <nowiki>, <pre>
Extension tags
<categorytree>, <charinsert>, <hiero>, <imagemap>, <inputbox>, <math>, <poem>, <ref>, <references>, <section>, <score>, <syntaxhighlight> (alias <source>), <templatedata>, <timeline>


  • first parameter (mandatory): the name of the HTML tag
  • second parameter: what type of tag to display:
    • p or pair: display a matched pair of open-and-close tags
      • To suppress the ellipsis which appears between the tags, add an empty |content= parameter
    • o or open (default): display only the opening tag of an open-and-close pair
    • c or close: display only the closing tag of an open-and-close pair
    • s or single: display a single tag
  • content= the text content of the tags
  • params= any parameters to be included in the opening tag


Markup Renders as
<nowiki />
{{xtag|syntaxhighlight|p|params=enclose="div" lang="text"}}
<syntaxhighlight enclose="div" lang="text">...</syntaxhighlight>

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