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  • deepcat:Ägypten "Artikel ohne Höhe auf Wikidata"
  • deepcat:Ägypten "GeoData ohne Koordinaten"
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In Erprobung

  • momentan nichts
  • Bug 42859 – Missing parameters in creditssource-source-work msg in German and Italian Wikivoyage Wikis
  • Bug 41360 – LinkCache doesn't currently know about this title (Fatal exception of type MWException) – High major priority – fixed Ok!
  • Bug 43220 – mw:extension:Listings needs to be able to override defaults for listing format and parameters – fixed Ok!
  • Bug 44590 – GeoCrumbs doesn't handle cases where a destination on a region boundary #isIn: more than one region
  • Bug 45035 – Error while merging accounts with MergeAccount on WikiVoyage: "1062: Duplicate entry for key 'wl_user'"
  • Bug 45269 – Statistics page counter after import increased by number of revisions – duplicate of Bug 40009 – fixed Ok!
  • Bug 46981 – Run updateArticleCount.php on German Wikivoyage once – fixed Ok!
  • Bug 49487 – Broken link for "Calendar" on Wikivoyage's Special:Version Ok!
  • Bug 51794 – Additional Namespace Aliases for dewikivoyage needed – fixed Ok!
  • Bug 51870 – Changing HTML code for list output – fixed Ok!
  • Bug 51871 – Changing HTML coding for list output in Insider.class.php – fixed Ok!
  • Bug 53227 – updateSpecialPages.php not running any more on wmf wikis – fixed Ok!
  • Bug 66867 – Run updateArticleCount.php on German Wikivoyage weekly Ok!
  • Bug 68162 – DNS service at Wikimedia is not working properly Ok!
  • Bug 73297 – Indicator style sheets not working for print
  • Bug 73299 – Indicators are not shown in mobile view
  • Task T55023 – Support for GPS eXchange Format (GPX)
  • Task T57549 – [Story] Add a new datatype for geoshapes
  • Task T102960 – Move geohack to production
  • Task T136768 – Deprecate <slippymap> provided by MapSources in favor of Kartographer's <mapframe> Ok!
    • Task T140238 – Setting a tracking category (Slippymap) – Contra declined
  • Task T140083 – <maplink> and/or <mapframe>: introduction of a generic term "all" for show parameter
  • Task T140087 – <maplink> and/or <mapframe>: introduction of a uset-set count numbers or texts
  • Task T140092 – <maplink> and/or <mapframe>: multiple use of identical location markers
  • Task T140209 – <maplink> and/or <mapframe>: SimpleStyle should not show "hand" mouse icon on unclickable objects
  • Task T140210 – <maplink> and/or <mapframe>: Displaying zoom level indicator – duplicate of Task T129875 Contra only in VE mode
  • Task T140211 – <maplink> and/or <mapframe>: Getting geo position – duplicate of Task T129875 Contra only in VE mode
  • Task T140212 – <maplink> and/or <mapframe>: showing own position
  • Task T140213 – <maplink> and/or <mapframe>: Image size is not fitted to the width of the marker tool tip window
  • Task T141335 – Add maps support for marks with 3 digits
  • Task T141715 – <maplink> and/or <mapframe>: Markers with white labels on light backgrounds
  • Task T141718 – <maplink> and/or <mapframe>: New feature: adding subgroups
  • Task T141750 – <maplink> and/or <mapframe>: clickable marker area to big
  • Task T146582 – Geoshape service should return map mask polygon with holes
  • Task T146733 – Allow modularization of site stylesheets (MediaWiki:Common.css etc.)
  • Task T147184 – <mapframe>: Remove empty div with thumbcaption class
  • Task T148971 – <mapframe>/<maplink>: Invalid GeoJSON code in wgKartographerLiveData prevents drawing of maps at Wikivoyage
  • Task T149288 – Illegal and unheralded removal of MapSourcesHooks::wfgeoLink function hook