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Request for explanation[Bearbeiten]


Regarding your block on, and your deletion of my user page and user talk page on, please take a close look at Benutzer:Guy Macon and compare it with the version you deleted. The only thing you accomplished was deleting the following two paragraphss:

I prefer that messages be posted to [ ] instead of here, but if you post here I will get a weekly email notice and will eventually get back here to respond. This may take a week or two, so please be patient.

If you find this page on any site other than you are viewing a mirror site. Be aware that mirror pages may be outdated, and that I have no affiliation with or control of mirror websites. The original page is located at [ ].

You also deleted same two paragraphs when you deleted my user talk page.

I cannot access my previous edit sumarries or edit history because you took the unusual step of deleting my user talk page thus hiding the fact that you posted no warnings, but en:Wikipedia:User pages#What may I have in my user pages? says "You are also welcome to include a simple link to your personal home page, which I clearly stated in the edit sumarry that you deleted the history of.

Your edit summaries were "Ungebührliches Verhalten" (improper conduct) and "Vandalismus" (vandalism). Please explain how the material you removed was either. --Guy Macon (talk) 09:15, 11. Jul. 2015 (CEST)

Sorry for writing in German, but my English is really too bad.
Wir hatten in der letzten Zeit einige Spam-Attacken, die ein ähnliches Aussehen hatten. Normalerweise kontrolliere ich, ob ein User in WP:en oder WP:de sinnvolle Edits geleistet hat. Dieses Mal habe ich es vergessen und einfach nur gelöscht. Das tut mir leid. Bitte entschuldige meinen Fehler. Inzwischen habe ich die Datei wiederhergestellt. -- Balou46 (Diskussion) 09:36, 11. Jul. 2015 (CEST)
Google Translate: "We had in recent times some spam attacks, who had a similar appearance. Normally I check if a user in WP: s or WP: de meaningful Edits did. This time I forgot about it and just deleted. I'm sorry. Please excuse my mistake. Meanwhile, I have restored the file"