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Corrupted account[Bearbeiten]

Dear Chris, my wikivoyage account ist completely corrupted. My user name was "Unger". The accout was completely missing, and all my edits are marked by an unknown author "Hoo man". I made an account transfer, at it it works, but not on de. It's urgently, please help. I also need my admin privileges to help cleaning up. Roland Unger

Hi Roland, hopefully you have found this out from other people as well, but we re-imported your user into the DE database at about 11am PST, so you should be able to login with your old password now! If for some reason your password isn't working, the forgotten password process should work, since we set your email address as well. Ping me on irc if you're still not able to login, and I'll investigate more! CSteipp (Diskussion) 01:02, 11. Nov. 2012 (UTC)
Unfortunately the data are not working. Both password and email. --Unger2 (Diskussion) 06:08, 11. Nov. 2012 (UTC)