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Im Nachfolgenden wird die Versionsgeschichte von MediaWiki:ListingEditor.js dokumentiert.

To do[Bearbeiten]

2.4-de and above
  • Add support for mobile devices.
  • Change type and group lists to autocomplete comboboxes.
  • Support for show and subtype parameters with comboboxes with multiple selections.
  • Check field data entries: show, subtypes.
  • Picking up gps position from external tools.
  • Support of nested templates.

Version 2.x-de[Bearbeiten]

  • Better Wikidata support
  • Multiple select lists, jQuery chosen support
  • url, social media linked
  • h2 and h3 tag wrapper used only if necessary
  • Several cleanups to the underlying code.
  • Loading types, groups, and subtypes from external modules
  • Several cleanups to the underlying code.
  • German umlaut characters added to input-content field
  • '$&' regex replacement failure in updateSectionTextWithEditedListing() solved
  • Support of different desktop skins: MinervaNeue, Vector, Monobook, Modern, CologneBlue
  • Show at beginning: Loading...
  • Check field data entries: coords, emails, url, county dialing code, skype, last edit, image (prefix), phone
  • Check and convert coordinates (hex -> dec).
  • Show errors with red border (class: listing-invalid-input).
  • Getting local calling code from article Wikidata id
  • Getting country-specific data from article entity (currency, country calling code).
  • Several cleanups to the underlying code.
  • Adaption to Wikivoyage/de (translations etc.).
  • Getting placeholders from Wikidata.
  • Getting Address, Phone, Fax, Email, etc. from Wikidata.
  • Populate input-type select list from LISTING_TYPE_OPTIONS.
  • Add additional vCard fields.
  • Handle templates only in inline mode.
  • Handle missing type parameter and vCard template (no type substitution).
  • Remove Wikipedia field.
  • Preview button for template preview.
  • Add mouse cursor back to price after clicking currency sign.
  • Extended checks if article can be edited.
  • Type dependend show / hide changes.
  • Table layout replaced by div layout.
  • Gadget: suppress listing editor.
  • Label titles added.
  • Type and type group with related color sample.
  • Accept comma-separated "lat, long" in lat field.
  • Do not perform listing validations when deleting a listing.
  • Pipe delimiter before edit button will not be printed.
  • Adding listing-empty-input, listing-default-placeholder, listing-wikidata-placeholder classes.
  • Several cleanups to the underlying code.
  • Übernahme des Quelltextes aus dem englischen Wikivoyage

Version 2.x[Bearbeiten]

  • Wikidata & Wikipedia fields added.
  • The Wikidata, image, and Wikipedia fields will now autocomplete, with lookups done by searching the relevant site.
  • Latitude, longitude, official link, wikipedia link, and image can be populated with the values stored at Wikidata by clicking on the "Update shared fields using values from Wikidata" link.
  • The "image" field is now shown by default.
  • Several cleanups to the underlying code.
  • Fix a bug where listing types were not handled in a case-insensitive way, preventing editing of templates using types such as "Do".
  • Fix a bug where editing inline listings containing newlines was not working correctly.
  • Make VisualEditor work with listing editor - phab:T122454.
  • Fix bug where non-standard "type" attributes are deleted (example: "type=go").
  • Do not leave excess newlines when deleting a listing if there is a newline before and after the listing.
  • The listing edit summary should use the name of the section being edited, not the type of the listing being edited.
  • Fix a bug that prevented deletion of listings containing duplicate dollar signs ("$$").
  • Editing from a "diff" page will no longer reload the diff page when saving an edit, but will instead take the user to the page's canonical URL so that they can see their changes.
  • Fix bug where deletion failed when a listing was part of a definition list (example: *: {{listing}})
  • Update the listing editor dialog UI to provide more space for field entry, and to responsively collapse from two columns to one on small screens.
  • Use mw.Api().postWithToken instead of $.ajax to hopefully fix session token expiration issues.
  • Add support for editing of multi-paragraph listings.
  • Do not delete non-empty unrecognized listing template values (wikipedia, phoneextra, etc) when editing if the ALLOW_UNRECOGNIZED_PARAMETERS flag is set to true.
  • If listing editor form submit fails, re-display the listing editor form with the content entered by the user so that work is not lost.
  • Replace synchronous $.ajax call with asynchronous.
  • Allow edit summaries and marking edits as minor when editing listings.
  • Move 'add listing' link within the mw-editsection block.
  • Automatically replace newlines in listing content with <p> tags.
  • Fix bug where HTML comments inside listing fields prevented editing.
  • Provide configuration options so that some fields can be displayed only if they have non-empty values (examples: "fax" in the default configuration).
  • Add basic email address validation.
  • A failed captcha challenge no longer causes further captcha attempts to fail.
  • Significant code reorganization.

Version 1.x[Bearbeiten]

  • CAPTCHA dialog on addition of new external links for anon IPs
  • Shows edit buttons depending on protection level
  • Added ability to remove closed listings
  • Fix fourth-level heading glitch
  • Fix [add listing] to screen-only in CSS
  • Fixed label bug (input-type instead of form-type)
  • Warn about external link
  • Add breakpoints <br> in place of newlines in the content description
  • Slight adjustment for headings with special characters
  • Adjusted for other language headings and types
  • Corrected for single-line listings
  • Fixed single parameter bug
  • Added link to help page
  • Added geomap link for address/name
  • Fixed whitespace bug
  • Get uncached version
  • Converted to flat form
  • Added geomap link
  • Added currency buttons
  • Accounted for nested templates
  • Added [add listing] button
  • Initial release